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The US academic essay writing style is quite different from what native speakers of other languages write. Although some instructors are familiar with the native language approach, American academic essays follow certain guidelines. We’ll be discussing the Common Elements of an Academic essay, the styles of academic writing Word choice, and Word choice in this article. Here are some tips for writing an effective essay in the US. Continue reading to find out more about academic writing.

Common elements of academic essays

There are a few common elements that are essential to a well-written academic essay. Scholars use formal punctuation and language, but the use of large words is not always appropriate. If used in a way that is not appropriate, complicated sentences and words can give readers the impression that your paper is more about style than substance. As a result academic writers should write simple elegant prose that reduces the reliance on specific terminology.

The most important aspect of an academic essay is its argument. It should be of a narrow scope, and must be presented in a concise paragraph. Students should confine their thoughts and refrain from making broad statements. The best papers are composed of a series of thoughts and evidence that back up an argument. Whatever style you choose, the argument should guide your essay.

Styles of academic writing

There are rules to follow in academic writing however, there is a specific style which you must adhere to. Most media and content outlets will have a style guideline and you must follow it to the letter. Infractions to this guideline could cost you some credibility. Here are the guidelines for academic writing. Let’s look at them one by one. It will be amazing how they can make a difference! If you use the correct style guide your writing will stand out!

Academic writing is formal. This means that it should not be personal. This means that you should treat students fairly and not include any personal information in your writing. In the acknowledgements as well as in your personal reflection, you may include information about yourself. But, you should keep in mind that academic writing is designed for a scientific audience and you must adhere to the rules of your chosen discipline.


In addition to punctuation, use of words and phrases also plays an important role in academic writing. Students are more likely to use precise words. This is the reason punctuation marks, word choice and word choice are deliberately employed. Exclamation points, such as those used to indicate the intensity or a higher pitch aren’t often used. They can come across as too enthusiastic or uninformed. Dashes and hyphens should be restricted to explanatory remarks and connecting prefixes. Semicolons indicate a pause that is longer than a comma, but less than a period.

Academic writing is also defined by the correct usage of headings and the spelling of acronyms. Academic writing follows a set of rules set for written English. Academic papers should be written in the standard format. This includes the use of headings. Academic papers must not contain emotional or personal words, sentences that are not supported by proofreading or pronouns in the first person. In addition to adhering to formal writing guidelines, it is vital to adhere to the correct grammar style manual.

Word choice

It can be difficult to choose the right word to use in an essay. Sometimes, a word with a different meaning may be more poetic in a sentence than it does in another. In these situations, you will need to select a more precise term. Word selection is an essential aspect of academic writing, regardless of the situation. While you should avoid using excessively long words or idiomatic phrases, there are ways to make your sentences more concise and effective.

One thing to keep in mind when writing your academic essay is to avoid using colloquialisms, regionalisms, and slang. You should also avoid using the terms slang and jargon. Learn how to make use of words in academic writing by reading as much as you can in your field. To ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct you can utilize thesaurus. A thesaurus can help find words that might be misinterpreted or incorrectly interpreted.


The subject and length of an academic essay will determine the structure of the academic essay. An essay can be composed of three parts: the introduction , and body. Although each paragraph could be different in length and number, they all must have the same purpose and provide the same information. The first paragraph should address the topic, and the remaining paragraphs should describe the reasoning behind the topic. Once you have decided on the topic and the structure, the next step in writing a paper is to choose the right structure.

In the US academic essays are written in a clear and easy way. The introduction outlines the main objective of the essay. This is often referred to as the controlling idea. The paper should then include evidence to support this thesis statement. The paper should not contain any additional information.included. Watch the video below for more details. This video will help to learn about the structure and the nature of an academic essay in the United States.


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